Back in Black Testimonials

What our App Store reviewers are saying:


“The most user friendly and best laid out personal finance app.”

“Bananas — I've used plenty of finance apps. This is murdering them all.”

I downloaded a bunch of these budgeting apps… It's the best one hands down. I'd recommend this to everyone out there.”

“Beautiful Budgeting Awesomeness.”

“Super awesome — I love this app!! So many good things about it… this app is fantastic.”

“The best budget app I have ever used.”

“Love it! … after trying several other paid apps I'm happy to end my search here! Great job!”

“Perfect Combo! I have tried all of the finance apps and for me this is the best! … Beautiful, minimal and solid!! Get it! ”

“Absolutely 5 star app! Very logical and simple to use.”

“BEST BUDGETING APP EVER!!! You Will Not Be Disappointed! Most recent update moves this app from a weak five to wishing you could give extra stars”

“Back in black rules!! I give it two thumbs up!!!! I may actually be able to save up for a house now! Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Finance app of the Year! This app helps those who may appear to be a lost cause when it comes to saving like myself, but with Back in Black I totally turned around for the better!”

What the critics are saying about Back in Black:


“Black In Black is a brilliant app which allows you to easily keep tabs on how much you are earning and spending… a real gem of a finance tracker!”


“Back in Black does it all, and it does it damn well.”
Beautiful Pixels

“I would highly recommend this app to anyone who wants to take charge of their purchases.”
Jesse Marino,

“If you are in need of an app to help you manage a budget and actually keep on track with it, then look no further.”
Christine Chan, Appadvice

“Remarkably well thought out and easy to use.”
Tessa Thornton,


“Fantastic looks and rock-solid functionality.”
Luke Patrick, The iPhone App Review